New Relic – Application Performance Monitoring with Plesk

We have great news! From today, you can get detailed performance data of your Plesk web servers and applications with the New Relic Plesk extension. What’s New Relic? New Relic is an [...]


Develop Plesk Extensions Series: Submit your extension to the official Plesk Extensions Catalog

In the first three parts of this series we’ve learned how to install Plesk locally, setup the development environment properly and how to write the first Plesk extensions. Today I will show you [...]


Develop Plesk Extensions Series: My first Plesk extension

How to develop Plesk extensions In the first part (Install a local version of Plesk) we installed Plesk locally and in the second part (Create extension stub and IDE project) we prepared our [...]


Infographic: A Brief History of Containerization

Containerization and Isolation Containerization and isolation are not new concepts. Some Unix-like operating systems have leveraged mature containerization technologies for over a decade. In [...]

Deploying Plesk Onyx on DigitalOcean is now easier than ever!

According to Alex Konrad, Forbes Editor of the Cloud 100 list, Cloud companies like DigitalOcean are revolutionizing how businesses reach their customers today, from digitizing painful old [...]