The Digital Nomad’s 5 hour work day

Digital Nomads - Those Who Working Remotely

The Surf Office organization hosted a swanky Barcelona rooftop event last month, where aspiring digital nomads got to hear insightful chats on the ups and downs of working remotely while traveling.

Tech entrepreneur Carlos Hernández (founder of shared his passion for spending 6 months of the year running his successful business from different European cities. Hernandez developed an automatic accounting application which now automates invoices for clients all over the world. But get this: nobody in his company works more than 5 hours a day!

¨We focus on being productive during those hours. No long breaks, no tedious meetings, but then we have much more time to enjoy the rest of our day¨. Vacations can also be as long as team members may request, but he insists that staff have so much flexibility in their schedule, they don’t really take more days off than the norm. Bejaysus that’s inspiring!

With Plesk Onyx general release under a month away, Pleskians attended this dynamic event as one of our aims is to give web professionals–whether working remote, at an office or on a cruise ship–a host of features that helps them gain time and gain freedom. Get Plesky, get free!