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WordPress Toolkit

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WordPress Toolkit allows server administrators, resellers and customers to manage their WordPress instances, enabling a variety of development workflows for WordPress admins of all skill levels, from beginners to pros.

WordPress Toolkit SE (Special Edition)WordPress Toolkit
Included with:

Plesk Web Admin Edition

Included with:

Plesk Web Pro Edition

Plesk Web Host Edition

Install new WordPress instances
Add existing WordPress instances (Manual)
Migrate remote WordPress instances
Cloning a WordPress instance
Staging environment
Sync data between WordPress instances
Security Check Read-only Full
1-click hardening of WordPressOnly instances installed via the ToolkitAll instances
Mass management of WordPress instances
Manage plugins & themes
Updates for WordPress, plugins and themesManual updatesAuto-updating
Maintenance mode management
Debug management
Password protection
Search engine indexing management
RequiresPlesk 17.0.16 and up
Category Web Apps & Site Editing
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