Sometimes open source solutions require commercial support, and Virtuozzo was set up to help people who use the open source KVM (kernel-based virtual machine) with commercial support. KVM is arguably the most popular open-source hypervisor on the market – but if you need enhanced functionality and commercial support Virtuozzo may be the solution.

The companies which use Virtuozzo are for the most part smaller and medium sized businesses, not the bigger companies that opt for VMWare or IBM, Microsoft and Oracle’s solutions. Virtuozzo provides a solid mix of virtualization, containerisation as well as software designed storage. However, note that many vendors offer solutions which are better at scaling, and with more features – more like VMware, for example.

However, if cost is paramount Virtuozzo is a good choice for smaller businesses. That said, bigger companies that can afford to pay more for virtualization solutions should probably look at other alternatives.

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