Vertical Cloud

A vertical cloud is a form of cloud computing solution created for a specific business sector (vertical) or model. A provider will build bespoke cloud solutions to suit certain industries, as opposed to offering a single one-size-fits-all package catering to every prospective user.

How Does a Vertical Cloud Work?

A vertical cloud allows companies to construct applications with a focus on resources, functionality, and numerous other requirements tailored to the needs of a business. These solutions revolve around verticals, and undergo extensive optimization to deliver services to a limited business process, model, or need only.

For example, a vertical cloud solution built for organizations within the healthcare industry might incorporate a variety of tools that work with medical imaging files or online health records.

These features would be of little to no use to companies in other sectors, certainly, but would make a significant difference in the target environments. Likewise, vertical cloud solutions created for other sectors may have little to offer healthcare organizations specifically.

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