Domain Parking

Sometimes you want to buy a domain to make sure nobody else takes it, but you’re not quite ready yet to use the domain. Or, you have used a domain but the website has been deleted and there’s only a blank or placeholder page in place. Nonetheless, you still want to keep your domain. Domain parking is where you keep a domain safely without actively linking it to a webpage. It’s most common just after people buy a new domain, before they’ve actually started to develop or upload the website that they plan on hosting on the domain.

When a user types in the domain name in the browser bar they will see just a simple page which is not part of your website but which displays a short and temporary message that says it is currently inactive. It may contain some advertising as well, depending on the website host. A parked domain is usually managed by the domain name registrar, and it usually displays a message when visitors go to the domain that says that the domain is empty, or displays an under construction message.

Sometimes a domain registrar will use domains that are parked to display its own advertising messages. Of course, if you don’t want your registrar to display advertising on your domain (without your approval and without you receiving any of the money) you might want to create your own custom parked domain page so that you can control what is displayed on the page, and so that you can make some money from it.

Alternatively, you can configure your domain so that nothing is displayed on it, in other words, it’s just blank. Another option is to partner with a hosting company that offers you the opportunity to park your domain with them and to get a share of the advertising revenue displayed on the parked domain.

Please note that technologies described on Wiki pages are not necessary the part of Plesk control panel or its extensions.

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