Cloud Management

Cloud-based solutions are increasingly popular, and cloud management refers to their evaluation, monitoring, and optimization. The aim is to achieve the right performance, efficiency, and service required.

Cloud management involves end-to-end cloud environment supervision, whether for a vendor of cloud-based services, a business, or both. As a practice, cloud management makes sure that said services are delivered and operated to the highest standard of quality.

How Does Cloud Management Work?

Cloud management comprises many of the same approaches and tasks as IT service management.

These range from basic to more complicated processes, including maintaining resource availability, delivery of specific software and/or systems, as well as the implementation of standardized security setups.

Companies may also provide vendor-neutral cloud management services, for effective management and operation of various solutions.

While a customer or end user also has responsibilities, cloud management is mainly an end process for the vendor, including tasks that impact the cloud environment (either directly or indirectly).

Please note that technologies described on Wiki pages are not necessary the part of Plesk control panel or its extensions.

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