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Partner Resource Library

All you need to be Plesky

1. The Essentials

This page provides you with a broad collection of core materials, go-to-market collaterals and additional graphic assets which have been specifically created to simplify your life and take your business to the next level.

Before you download our brand assets please read the brand guidelines carefully as it contains all you need to know about how to use our brand in order to be Plesky.

Plesk brand

Plesk company

Plesk Obsidian

Plesk typeface

Plesk octopus –
our mascot

Plesk partner logo

2. The Core

In this section you can find a collection of useful white papers which you can either share with your customers and prospects, or use internally to educate your staff how to better sell and position Plesk as an important layer of your infrastructure.

Plesk Obsidian Cheat Sheet

Let us aid your memory! This cheat sheet was made for customer service agents and sales teams who need to identify the ideal customer, respond to questions about unique features and overcome most common objections. The document also provides guidance where and when to sell Plesk successfully.

Plesk Obsidian White Paper

The latest Plesk Obsidian update further aligns Plesk with the way today’s web professionals work. Check out what’s new in the pathway to driving Digital Transformation.

Grow revenue and sell managed WordPress hosting

Web and application hosting is a mature market that deals with a set of fairly commoditised infrastructure building blocks. Growth still exists but the pace is slowing down. No real news as all the industry analysts share the same opinion. However, getting back on the growth path is easier than you think. Managed WordPress hosting is just one example. Have a look now.

Plesk Obsidian Generic Video

Why should one decide for the latest Plesk release? See for yourself the main advantages deriving from using Obsidian.

Plesk Obsidian Features Video

Which are the most important technical features Obsidian introduces? This short video will provide you with a quick preview of each such new addition.

WordPress Toolkit Tutorial

Not just hosting – but also tools to make it work for you. Our WordPress Toolkit currently handles over 1 million websites – see for yourself its benefits and imagine how it could help your business thrive.

3. Go-to-market

Your Plesk solution is ready to be launched! This section provides you with relevant go-to-market materials and special offers for all partners who are seeking for support from experienced professionals who know and understand the industry. Compelling discounts guaranteed.

Special offer for Plesk Partners!

Content is king if you want your online business to be successful. We keep telling you. We also know that one of the biggest headaches is to get relevant content created. Plesk has teamed up with Art of The Message to provide special content packages specifically designed for your industry and written by a pro who knows hosting inside out. Plesk Partners will benefit from compelling discounts. Download the brochure now!

Plesk messaging and positioning

Describe and position Plesk sweet and short on Twitter or share some of our key values on your website. This document provides you with a selection of messaging snapshots and our top unique selling points. Created to simplify your life.

Why Upgrade to Plesk Obsidian?

The complete practical list of arguments to convince yourself and your customers that upgrading to Obsidian is the best choice – get it here.

Email campaign templates coming soon

Get the word out and share the good news about your Plesk solutions with both existing customers and new prospects. We want you to be successful and have prepared an Email turnkey kit to either generate more leads or upsell existing customers to your offerings powered by Plesk Obsidian.

SEM quick start guide

Search engine marketing and all other paid marketing activities are a powerful tool to drive awareness and business growth. But there are a lot of things to consider if you want to do it right. The SEM quick start guide provides you with a few useful tips how to avoid losing money and gain reasonable ROI instead.

PPC Branding Guidelines

Plesk design, logos and other marks that we use are our trademarks. The appearance, layout, colour scheme, and design of the Plesk site are protected trade dress. Read the most important hints about using our brand name in your PPC strategy.

SEO Partners’ Guidelines

We encourage our partners to use Plesk-branded keywords and other Plesk-specific information – see here our professionals’ indications on how to make the best of this opportunity.

4. Graphical assets

Most hosting solutions are sold online so besides site performance an excellent user experience a key to accelerate sales conversion. Today, websites need to be functional and provide quick access to the desired information but they should also look pretty. In this section you’ll find a collection of graphical assets designed to support your marketing activities and let your customers feel Plesky.

NEW Plesk Obsidian
Features icons

NEW WordPress Toolkit

Social media banners
Plesk Obsidian

Plesk white label
roll-up banners

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