Professional Services - Plesk migration, setup and configuration

Free Plesk migration assistance

Plesk offers free migration assistance from older versions, other panels, legacy solutions or any hosting environment to the latest available Plesk version. The option is available for Plesk commercial license owners and covers the installation of migration tools, environment preparation, fixing/preparing some custom scripts and execution of a single server migration as a test case. With the Free Plesk Migration Assistance, migration of the rest of servers is carried out by the owner (Migration Process Guide). Alternatively, you can have Plesk do the job for you by purchasing our Professional Service hours.

Managed migration service

If you prefer to let Plesk professionals handle the migration job for you this is the ideal solution.  A complete service which includes installation of migration tools, environment preparation and getting the necessary custom scripts ready. Next, our engineers  perform the migration of data to the new Plesk server.  To completely guarantee all the migrated services operate correctly, we run post-migration checks on all components.

Installation Service (per server)

This service includes Plesk setup and configuration on your server and assistance with integrating of necessary supported 3rd party components with Plesk.

Upgrade Service (per server)

This service includes upgrade of Plesk on your server to the latest version.  Our engineers will also run a post-upgrade check to verify that Plesk services operate correctly.

Administration service

Plesk provides paid assistance to perform server administration activities which fall out of the standard Plesk technical support scope.

The service scope covers but is not limited to:

  • Plesk server health check
  • Installing/Integrating/Upgrading compatible with Plesk 3rd party component (Mail, Database server)
  • Localizing Spam source on the server.


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