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There are plenty of open source control panels on the market, and Webmin is another very popular option. Webmin is basically a combination of a web server that uses a range of CGI apps to automatically update system files such…


Windows web servers also benefit from a hosting control panel and that’s what WebsitePanel aimed to do when it was first released under the name of DotNetPanel. The developers invested heavily to develop this control panel, and it was eventually…

WordPress Toolkit

WordPress is really easy to use and broadly secure but expert website managers will know that WordPress management still requires time, while maintaining full WordPress security is becoming more and more difficult. Besides, as WordPress has grown, the CMS has…

XEN Orchestra

Xen Orchestra is a web app designed to handle Xenserver administration, management, backup solution, and cloud initiator. Designed as a user-friendly interface, Xen Orchestra gathers all the tools you need under one banner to handle all your infrastructure needs. Administration…
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