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Smart Updates for WordPress Toolkit

Get your Smart Updates - first month free, no strings attached! It identifies needed updates, simulates and applies them. WP update might break the site? You get notified and can perform adjustments before all hell breaks loose. Never break a live site again with Smart Updates.

1 month trial for free, no strings attached. Get Yours Now!

  • Automated updates

Smart Updates look for new updates constantly and update your WordPress, plugins, and themes automatically, checking the update results on a clone of your website first.

  • Smart Automated Tests

After running the update on a clone of your website, Smart Updates test your WordPress automatically looking for bugs, errors, and display issues.

  • You are always in charge.

You are notified about the results of the tests. Your website updates are never applied on the production if the automated regression testing tool determines that your site broken after the test update run.


  • Available on a per-site basis.

  • Both manual and automatic updates are supported.

  • Smart Update clones the website and tests the update on a clone without affecting the production website.

  • Smart Update service analyzes the update, identifies the changes, and decides if the update should be performed on a production website.

  • Production website is not affected until the update is either confirmed by user (manual update) or introduces no new issues (automatic update).

  • Smart Updates are available for WordPress core, plugins and themes.


Smart Updates works with WordPress Toolkit but requires a separate license. The feature is licensed on a per-instance basis.

Version 1.0.0
Requires 17.8
Developer Plesk
Category Web Apps & Site Editing
Web Development

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