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Voice-Server Manager

DW Web-Engineering

VSM – Voice Server Manager for Plesk

Now you can manage voice servers like Teamspeak 3 or TeaSpeak easier and faster than ever.

Range of functions

The following functions are available free of charge:

  • Install voice servers or migrate existing ones
  • Retrieve general status information in real time (limited monitoring)
  • Retrieve the initial authorization key
  • Change the password for the ServerQuery administrator
  • Editing configuration files such as whitelist or blacklist
  • Manual creation of backups (complete backup)
  • Retrieve the last log entries or track the log in real time
  • Manual check for new versions and updates easily with a simple click
  • Various repair and / or test functions

Limitations in the free version:

  • A maximum of 1 voice server can be managed
  • A maximum of 5 backup files

With the purchase of a Pro version you support our expansion and also get unlimited access to further functions:

  • Management of several voice servers including port management, so you can operate Teamspeak 3 and TeaSpeak at the same time
  • Scheduled backups at defined intervals (e.g. hourly, etc.)
  • Unlimited number of backup files
  • Automatic update of the server software including email notification
  • Monitoring the server status (monitoring), for example the voice server restarts itself if necessary
  • Management of virtual servers and access to the voice server viewer, so you can see, for example, who is online at every instance
What is Teamspeak / TeaSpeak?

This is software that enables straightforward and efficient communication within the group. These so-called voice servers are used particularly frequently in the gaming sector, for example within Clans or guild communities. In contrast to conventional communication services, voice servers are special designed to network large groups of users with minimal response time (ping).

Further information in this regard can be found at the respective provider under the following links:


This extension can basically be used free of charge. The pro features can be purchased here.

Acknowledgments and other information

The headset in the logo comes from the "I Love Icons" symbol set from Svengraph and is subject to the license ! CC Attribution 4.0. We have also added lettering and our company logo. The copyright and all other rights for the Teamspeak logo lie exclusively with TeamSpeak Systems, Inc. or TeamSpeak Systems GmbH. The copyright and all other rights for the TeaSpeak logo lie exclusively with Teaspeak. In addition, we would like to point out that the companies mentioned above have no business relationship with this extension or with our company (DW <> Web Engineering) or provide any other form of support.


The extension Voice Server Manager (VSM) for Plesk is software from DW <> Web Engineering, all rights reserved.

Install Voice-Server Manager extension

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