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My Plesk Update Delivers Multi-Server Management and More

Since the start of 2020, Plesk customers have enjoyed a dedicated portal to manage their Plesk licenses, personal information and subscriptions: My Plesk.

The innovative interface has, since release, created a personal self-care space where you can adapt your profile and have full control over purchases. The functionality simplifies billing and subscriptions, while providing a channel to keep track of the status of your products. There, you can update, renew and upgrade subscriptions and purchases directly.

The full capabilities of the My Plesk portal can be found here.
But the really great news is that as of March 2021, you can do even more with your My Plesk account!

What’s new for My Plesk

Server Inventory

Along with the already-existing ‘Licenses’ tab, there is now in the newest version of My Plesk a tab dedicated to managing servers as well (currently available in beta stage).

In this new open beta program, users of My Plesk can now:

  • Add multiple Plesk servers to the Inventory list, easily
  • Login to the Plesk interface directly from the Server Inventory with a single click
  • Access the availability status of your servers
  • View and browse the aggregated list of domains hosted by your server(s)

Using this unique tool, our community has access to the major, fundamental elements of their hosting management business is one place. This streamlines the hosting experience, and complements the existing License Management and Plesk interface itself.

Server inventory My Plesk blog

Licence Reactivation

As part of the My Plesk License Management module, this update also includes a key new feature to help web professionals: License Reactivation.

With this release, users of My Plesk can reactivate subscriptions that have become inactive, completing the potential life-cycle of any Plesk license and usage. The function gives flexibility and power to our customers, supporting them in their business journey at every stage.

My Plesk portal blog

Other Improvements

The existing features of My Plesk provide ample personalization opportunities. Features from the previous version are still available and under constant improvement processes to really give back the best experience to you, our community. For example, you can continue to enjoy your own personal profile with easy access to your License Activation Keys and Extensions.

Have you signed up to the My Plesk portal yet? If you have even one Plesk or extension License, you are eligible to create your profile and manage your account with this process:

  1. Go to My Plesk > Sign up
  2. Enter the email address you used to purchase the license and create a password > Sign Up
  3. Receive an email from [email protected] with subject ‘Welcome to My Plesk service!’ > make sure to verify your email address by clicking on the link in the email
  4. Now you can log into My Plesk

Please note that to access the invoices feature, please follow instructions from this article. If you want to change your billing details, you can find a guide for that here.

Meet My Plesk – Your Personal Self-Care Portal

My Plesk - Self-Care Portal

Today, we’re excited to announce the general availability of My Plesk – your personal self-care portal. Now, you – our Plesk Online Store customers, can manage all your Plesk licenses and online store purchases from one place. Think of it as your one-stop-shop for all your Plesk license needs.

Note: At this stage, My Plesk is available only to customers who have purchased through the Plesk retail store.

Want to be the first to try it out? Then head over to and sign up with the same email you used to buy Plesk licenses and extensions.

Plesk Self-Care Portal

So what can you do on My Plesk (v.1)?

You can do quite a lot given that this is just version one:

View all your Plesk licenses

You can manage all licenses registered to your email address – or even multiple email addresses, in one place. Including creation date, license status, additional features, activation code, and billing details like subscription ID, billing and server details.

Manage your Plesk subscription

Renew or upgrade your subscription with us, including custom discounts and links straight to our store. You’ll even get activation codes for existing licenses – same with a trial license if your two-week period hasn’t expired yet.

Manage your important profile details

Update aspects of your profile such as name, email and password, or the payment method you’re using for your license. You can even see which server you’re using for your existing licenses.

My Plesk - list of licences

Find your Plesk Activation Key

Your Activation Keys and server details are displayed on the page under ‘More details”.

My Plesk - Activation Key

Click on ‘More details’ to see:

  • creation date
  • activation code
  • billing details – cycle, server details and more.

Renew and Upgrade Your Plesk

You’ll also see custom offers to renew and upgrade Plesk extensions and licenses.

Updating a Plesk licence via My Plesk

Just click on one of the links under the Upgrade Offers section to see what offers are available to you at this time.

My Plesk extensions upgrade

You’ll see the difference between your current and new plan, next billing date and new total amount. All renewals are automatic, meaning that once we receive your payment, we’ll automatically upgrade your licenses and email them out to you straight away.

My Plesk - Upgrade Extension

Manage your Profile / Name / Email

Finally, here’s a simple way to manage your profile, name and email and update your password, directly from the same page.

My Plesk - login screen

We hope you find these additions useful and as always, we welcome your feedback by email, to  [email protected]. Meanwhile, we have more features on the way and you’ll be the first to know – so stay tuned!

(NEW!) Consolidated Billing and Subscription Features

We have combined extensions purchases into one subscription to generate less billing transactions in My Plesk. You can even choose the billing interval of new extensions you may purchase.
Newly-available Subscription Functions
  • You can redirect to the online store if you don’t find the right subscriptions;
  • To add an extension, you can simply select a subscription;
  • You can buy a Plesk extension if the subscription for this license is cancelled, but there is at least one another active subscription;

How to log into My Plesk

Ordered a license or several subscriptions and need to find the corresponding numbers? How about the activation code? Or do you need to upgrade the license you purchased in the online store? The you can check out our new portal – My Plesk where you will be able to see and manage your licenses ordered in the Plesk Online Store. You’ll be able to upgrade the license to a higher edition here, add extension keys to your Plesk license, check the server IP where your license is installed, or get the activation code for your key.  But first, here’s how to log into My Plesk:

  1. Go to My Plesk > Sign up
  1. Enter the email address you used to purchase the license and create a password > Sign Up
  1. Receive an email from [email protected] with subject ‘Welcome to My Plesk service!’ > make sure to verify your email address by clicking on the link in the email
  2. Now you can log into My Plesk

Note: To get invoices please follow instructions from this article. To change billing details, please follow instructions from here. For any assistance, feel free to contact Plesk Sales team.