Your Server Management Portal is Getting a Makeover

Users of our in-house server management portal, MyPlesk, are already aware of the benefits of a single-sign-on solution. With your licenses and servers packaged in one place, your job is made easier!

And now we’re here to tell you that MyPlesk is getting a major remodeling and makeover!

Meet 360, the next generation portal for web professionals and builders. Complete, streamlined management for web professionals in a single platform that unites sleek design and efficient functionalities. Here are the top and newly released features:

SSO and Personal Profile

Forget endless logins, interfaces, and tabs on your browser. With a single sign-on (SSO), you can find everything you need to run your web business. Your personal profile keeps your data safe and personalized – and we have more planned to optimize your profile at a later time!

Now with updated Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), your account, sites and servers are also safer than ever. To enable this feature, you can find the activation options in your 360 profile!

Virtual Inventory

Stock up on servers and licenses, because 360 keeps them all in order in your Inventory list! Manage your subscriptions and licenses, and even shop for more in the 360 store! And in a separate tab, your servers will also be neatly laid out to monitor and view along with their associated domains.

Plesk 360 blog

New in 2022:

Website Inventory

As of February 2022, the 360 Platform also includes a Web Inventory tab to keep track of every angle of your business from one portal!

Website inventory Plesk blog

System & Web Monitoring

Now this is where things get really interesting. 360 Monitoring is a dream come true for web professionals.

With its preconfigured dashboards, 360 Monitoring invites you to enjoy server and site monitoring that tracks all your inventory seamlessly! Visual charts showing CPU, load times, disk usage and more, automatically keep track of your server performance and status. At the same time, your site will be carefully tracked to alert you about issues like downtime and SSL validity. If you are missing important statistics simply create your own dashboard easily.

As if that wasn’t enough, the 360 Monitoring offers a variety of service monitoring tools such as database monitoring, PHP-FPM, and web server monitoring for NGINX, LiteSpeed and Apache.

Another key feature of 360 Monitoring is that it is Plesk agnostic. This means that even if you want to monitor servers and sites that are not managed on Plesk, you can still benefit from the full power of the monitoring tools. Neat, right?

Get the full breakdown of 360 Monitoring here.

Psst… 360 Monitoring is free for your first server! And if you want to try extra power-boosting features and monitor unlimited sites and servers, then you can test Pro for free too for 14 days.

Global Search Feature

Another feature that supports the streamlined user experience of Plesk 360 is Global Search. This allows sysadmins to find any domain hosted on your Plesk servers in just a click. Simple.

And much more!

With handy features like built-in support, product shop, and even RAID monitoring, the convenience never ends with your 360 account.

Besides the long list of existing benefits, the Plesk team is working hard to roll out more, exciting features over the next 12 months. Get updates on upcoming projects and changes via our monthly newsletter and regular blog updates.

Next steps:

What happens to my My Plesk account?

For the lucky ones who have already got a MyPlesk account set up, your account – including all your servers, licenses and websites – will be automatically migrated to the new 360 interface. Just sit back, and we’ll take care of the rest!

I want a 360 account!

If your business is built to scale, or even if you just want to simplify your own site management, having a 360 account will empower you to focus on your passion, not recurrent repetitive tasks.

To create an account, visit the 360 sign-up page, and in minutes you will be the proud owner of a 360 user profile and account. Then all you need to do is sync it with your Plesk licenses and servers.

Got any doubts or questions? Let us know in the comments, or get in touch with your account manager!

Happy automating!


  1. Nomalizo Antonette Dube
    Nomalizo Antonette Dube

    Greatful for the assistance, the whole process is difficult if you have zero. IT knowledge

  2. Hi Plesk,

    I have server capacity from Nominalia and webhosting from Plesk. I just signed up for a account for Plesk.

    How can i connect my website to my account?

    I need to create FTP access for external party.

    Kind regards, Thomas

    • Louis Vanfraechem
      Louis Vanfraechem Moderator

      Hi Thomas,

      It looks like you want to start hosting websites on Plesk. Great!

      For FTP access to subscriptions, you can have a look here.
      For pointing the DNS of your domains to the Plesk server, you can have a look here.

      In case you need further assistance, you can always reach out to our dedicated support. I hope this helps.

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