Plesk Obsidian 2021 Survey Results

At the end of 2021 we ran a screening survey among our customers and asked them for feedback on features delivered in 2021, as well as for those planned for 2022.

We received more than 600 responses, and we would like to share the results with you. In this blog article we are going to tell you what features delivered in 2021 our customers liked best, what features are most desired by our customers, and also provide a sneak peek of our roadmap for 2022.

Survey audience

More than 77% of the responses are from customers who are experienced Plesk users, and have been using Plesk for a long time.

Survey audience, Plesk Obsidian
Below, you can see how the respondents split according to their business model.
Survey audience 2, Plesk Obsidian

Other includes mixed types of businesses, freelancers, developers, tech enthusiasts, universities, entertainment companies, and more. This audience stands for website owners and web studios / freelancers who maintain websites for end clients. 

Most valuable features delivered in 2021

Overall, our clients rated the changes made to Plesk in 2021 with 7.9 out of 10.
The graph below shows the votes distribution.

Most valuable features, Plesk Obsidian

Here are the TOP 10 Plesk Obsidian features delivered in 2021 according to our customers:

What features are the most valuable for you?

618 out of 618 answered.

Most valuable features 2, Plesk
The respondents could choose as many features as they liked or specify their own. To learn more about these features, read our review from the beginning of the year.

Most desired features

We also asked the responders to choose five features currently missing from Plesk that they would like to see implemented. Here are the TOP 10 desired  features:

Most desired features, Plesk Obsidian

Here’s a rundown of our planned milestones for 2022, based on the results of the survey:

Feature request
Estimated delivery date
MySQL performance tuner
Regrettably, this feature will not be delivered in 2022, as doing it right would require more resources than we can currently spare. We will be sure to consider this feature when planning for the next year.
Mail delivery troubleshooting
We are continuously investing in this area. There will be a lot of small improvements delivered throughout the year.
Firewall: block by country (GeoIP)
It’s on the list! Hooray!
Auto-tuning website performance
The research for this feature is already under way.
Flexible backup scheduler
We will deliver this feature in the second half of 2022.
Cloudflare DNS and CDN services integration
We are collecting requirements and want to bring back the automated integration of Cloudflare DNS services for websites hosted in Plesk.
Automatic diagnostic and repair for websites
We are hard at work delivering this feature. We plan to deliver the first results in Plesk Obsidian 18.0.44, scheduled for release on May 24th.
Server-wide log browser
The implementation of this feature is in progress. We plan to add the ability to see more server level logs (like syslog, messages, and panel.log) in the Plesk interface.
DNS checking utility in UI
We are continuously investing in this area, but there are no specific plans for more deliveries at the moment. Worry not, there will be a lot of small improvements shipped throughout the year.
Plesk failover cluster
We plan to heavily invest in researching the best way to deliver this feature in the second half of the year. Stay tuned!

As you can see, we have plans to research and implement most of the features desired by our customers.

It’s important to note that surveys are just one way we gather feedback from our customers. We receive a lot of quality data using interviews, the Uservoice service, the Facebook Community, the Plesk Forum, and other sources. All feedback is taken into consideration when we plan our yearly roadmap.

Come to speak of it, here’s the Plesk Roadmap for 2022:

Plesk Roadmap 2022

In addition to the most requested features, we are investing our resources in improvements for web developers in 2022. We provide improved working scenarios and UX workflows for features such as Git, Node.js, Laravel, and .NET applications hosting support.

And of course, new OSes support: the Ubuntu 22.04 is almost already. Plesk is the only control panel that can run on 15 different Linux-based operating systems,  and the dominating control panel for Windows servers!

We appreciate your feedback and will continue to implement features that save your time and improve your quality of work. Last but not least, allow us to thank you, our customers and partners, for your trust in our product!

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