Plesk Mobile Manager for Windows Phone

Plesk Mobile Manager for Windows Phone 8.1 is now available.

You can download it from Windows Phone store.

Here is an overview of the main features of Plesk Mobile Manager.

The first launch

First of all, you need to add your server (you can use a host name or an IP address):

After adding a server, you might see the following warning:


It means that a server-side extension is not installed on your server. The extension provides a secure API and sends push notifications to your device. Just click “Install” and Plesk Mobile Manager will install the latest version of the extension.

When the extension is installed, you need to configure it. The app will suggest enabling push notifications. They will be sent to notify you about server issues, such as when a service has stopped or resource usage is high.


Server overview

All critical indicators of your server are available on the details screen:



You can see CPU load, RAM, swap and disk usage, control the traffic to your server, and so on.


Plesk Mobile Manager will notify you about important events on your server using push notifications:

All latest notifications are listed on the events screen. New notifications are marked by a star icon:

You can choose the events about which you want to be notified. This is done on the customization screen:


You can start and stop the services on your server directly from your device:


Other useful operations

With Plesk Mobile Manager, you can also do the following:
– Restart your server (requires specifying the administrator’s password)
– Browse Plesk error and access logs
– Retrieve and roll back license keys
– Change the administrator’s password
– Restrict access to your server


Download Plesk Mobile Manager from Windows Phone store.

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