A Plesk Journey: Told By Our Two Longest-serving Employees

Originally released in 2000 in a city in south-western Siberia, Plesk has since grown to become one of the most popular web hosting control panels in the world. That makes 2020 not only the year of flying cars, synthetic brains, moon bases, and the Metal Rat, but also, excitingly, our 20th anniversary. To celebrate, we’re turning the focus on those who’ve helped make it all happen: our global team of engineers, managers, marketers, and all-around web experts.

In the first of the series, we meet two Sergeys. One is our Vice President of R&D, and the other one of our Program Management Leads. These guys have been with us for over 18 years—making them two of our two longest-serving employees who, between them, have pretty much seen it all.

A Chat with Sergey & Sergey

In the above interview, we ask the two Sergey’s about their journeys with Plesk and discover a few of the things they believe have made them, and our company, so successful. 

The Biggest Achievements Across Two Decades

For instance, it’s no news that Plesk is packed full of features. But the Sergey’s explain how they not only strive to create a feature-rich product, but how they do so while keeping the needs and experience of the user front and center of the workflow.

In fact, the Sergeys mention pleasing users as one of their biggest achievements. At Plesk, whether it’s our developers and our customer service team or our beloved users, people are at the heart of everything we do. It’s only by putting people first, that we are able to create a product that has lasted 20 years and is powering strongly ahead into another decade.

It’s for this reason we love to hear the stories of the likes of Sergey and Sergey. Not only that, but we love to see new stories in the making. The Sergeys are keen to see new people join the team who have tonnes of potential so they can help them grow and watch how they flourish.

It’s such a strong commitment to helping others and growth that makes it a delight to work at Plesk. By being a part of a strong community of other passionate people, you’re able to take risks and contribute to something that’s much bigger than yourself.

Just like one of the little nuggets of wisdom Sergey, or Sergey, shares in the video:

“If you’re not afraid to fail, success will inevitably come to you.”

How long have you been with Plesk and how has that experience been? Do you have any advice to share from your experience in the industry? Let us know below!


  1. Thank you for your tireless efforts over the past two decades.

  2. Thanks in this video, everything was clear

  3. The result of 2 decades of day and night efforts is Plesk

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