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Infographic: A Brief History of Containerization

Containerization and Isolation   Containerization and isolation are not new concepts. Some Unix-like operating systems have leveraged mature containerization technologies for over a decade. In Linux, LXC, the building block that formed the foundation for later containerization technologies was added to the kernel in 2008. LXC combined the use of kernel cgroups (allows for isolating […]

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Deploying Plesk Onyx on DigitalOcean is now easier than ever!

According to Alex Konrad, Forbes Editor of the Cloud 100 list, Cloud companies like DigitalOcean are revolutionizing how businesses reach their customers today, from digitizing painful old processes to allowing them more time to focus on what they really care about – what makes their products unique. As a Web Professional (Developers, Designers, Agencies, IT-Admins) […]

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Deploying Plesk Onyx on Microsoft Windows Azure

Plesk Onyx

Cloud computing provides businesses the ability to quickly scale computing resources without the costly and laborious task of building data centres, and without the costs of running servers with idle capacity due to variable workloads. To simplify dynamic provisioning in the Cloud for infrastructure providers (including service providers who offer dedicated servers, VPS or IaaS), […]

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AutoWordPress with Plesk

This tutorial was originally designed for Plesk 12.5 but is fully compatible with Plesk Onyx! Undoubtedly you know how to quickly install WordPress (or whatever application) with Plesk, and can educate your customer how to do so. Let us count the mouse clicks it takes: Click “WordPress” in Featured applications menu.           […]

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The Digital Nomad’s 5 hour work day

The Surf Office organization hosted a swanky Barcelona rooftop event last month, where aspiring digital nomads got to hear insightful chats on the ups and downs of remote work while traveling. Tech entrepreneur Carlos Hernández (founder of shared his passion for spending 6 months of the year running his successful business from different European cities. Hernandez […]

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