After Japan Partner Day 2022

This month, Tokyo was the stage of our latest WebPros Partner Day, sponsored by Acronis and Virtuozzo. Smoothly organized in the Shinagawa venue close to Tokyo’s sparkling business district, WebPros was eager to return to form for yet another informative day of sharing and caring – a slice of the good life – with our dedicated partners from the east and beyond.

As we still find ourselves amidst an ongoing Covid pandemic, we wish to sincerely thank the brave Godzilla’s who managed to come out to make it to this event. Bravo! For those who couldn’t, stay put: we have tailored a series of informative videos for your convenience, putting the wonders of WebPros on full display. Let’s lay it out for you here, a splendid dance with WordPress and WebPros in Japan!

WordPress in Japan

WordPress has around 82% market share in Japan (and about 42% worldwide), meaning that more than 75% of CMS websites are built with WordPress.

So, that WordPress is having a whale of a time in Japan is an understatement. Indeed, the popularity of WordPress has entered the realm of legends, already in 2009 when Matt Mullenweg asked the Japanese community to name a baby and inspire the development of a new WordPress mascot.

The Wapuu mascot was born, designed by Japanese artist Kazuko Kaneuchi, to be given as a gift to the WordPress community for all to see. And while originating in Japan, the Wapuu mascot has grown, as legends do, to take up a global presence and become a true staple for the WordPress community worldwide, next to Elvis Plesky, of course.

WebPros in Japan

WebPros aims to facilitate a digital presence through the delivery of innovative technologies that can enable the digital world.

This month we found ourselves amidst our partners in Japan with the endeavor to share the latest news about our products and solutions to assist businesses in building, operating and growing their digital footprint.

Let’s start with a small introduction from our CEO, Christian Koch.

WP Toolkit for the win

In order to address the importance WordPress plays in the community, we at WebPros have developed a diverse and extensive package of support tools to offer new opportunities going forward: the WP Toolkit.

Coming from a single provider and one point of control, it has truly become the only toolkit you’ll ever need.

The feature-rich WP Toolkit enables users to do more, to become more agile and more flexible when it comes to enjoying a complete, secure, and versatile WordPress experience.

With a single click, you can easily Stage or Clone, Upgrade or Migrate, and perform a series of other complex tasks to be completely risk-free.

Furthermore, as WebPros aims to make the internet a safe space for everyone, we have introduced the Site Vulnerability Scan to the WP Toolkit, an automated scan based on the vulnerability database coming from our friendly partners at Patchstack.

Overall, we carefully analyze plugins, themes, or WordPress sites for known vulnerabilities every hour. When a threat is detected, the exposure is marked in the interface, allowing site admins to stay alert and take action when needed.

To stay updated with our latest security features, you can read the previous blog post on WordPress Security and why it is more important than ever today.

As we reach for the stars, we continue to add improvements and new features to every new WP Toolkit release. The upcoming release will be introducing Smart PHP Updates, and will provide public access to the WP Toolkit REST API for the first time!

360 Monitoring against the storm

When it comes to uptime, you want to be as snug as a bug in a rug. Ideally, you want zero discomforts and zero downtimes; this is where our 360 Monitoring solution comes into place.

360 Monitoring aims to empower developers to monitor sites and servers with ease.
With configurable dashboards, an easy set-up, and customizable tools: 360 Monitoring is the ideal server uptime solution.

As we advance deeper into the digital age, a comprehensive site and server tracking system can prove to be quite beneficial in improving your online presence and performance going forward.

Therefore, we have developed the Full Site Check feature. Check it out; it’s pretty cool: you can easily keep an eye on individual functionalities to eliminate errors and prevent downtimes. Developed to crawl entire projects to find dead links, broken images, JavaScript errors, and a bunch of other anomalies, the Full Site Check feature keeps your website from getting sick.

360 Monitoring Plesk blog

We are also excited to have 360 Monitoring on the DigitalOcean Marketplace, where our monitoring solutions may righteously serve to keep your business safe. Now available for both Linux and Windows, you can Read on for more information on the latest 360 Monitoring features and New Pricing plans.

Arigatō - See you next year!

Again, we wholeheartedly thank you for participating in this event. We look forward to seeing you in person again soon. And, of course, we cannot end without sharing a Wapuu holding on tightly to a cookie.

Stay tuned for more here together with WebPros: cPanel, Plesk, and WHMCS.


町田   知紀

長尾   祥子

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