Say Hello to NIXStats: Welcoming the Newest Family Member

Plesk is proud to be a member of a growing group of innovators that are all working towards supporting web professionals.

As the WebPros group expands to welcome new and exciting technologies and softwares, we proudly welcome the newest member of the family: NIXStats, the OS-agnostic open-source server monitoring agent, is now a part of WebPros group.

What is NIXStats?

NIXStats is, in short, a tool for monitoring. It measures the performance of your websites and servers, and alerts you via almost any preferred channel of any issues or updates: you could get a ping via Slack, a Discord notification, or even RocketChat for your DevOps team.

On a user-friendly dashboard, you can access network usage data, CPU activity charts, and loading times, along with your usual alerts.

Not to mention the integration of NGiNX, Apache, MongoDB, Docker, and other key development tools, allowing you to access their essential metrics as well. 

NIXStats interface Plesk

What’s New for NIXStats and Plesk?

As of March 2021, the WebPros group announced the acquisition of NIXstats, and the forthcoming plans for integration within the software of their existing digital ecosystem.

So at Plesk, we’re the lucky ones, being an active member of the WebPros group. We love welcoming new team members into our family and serving our customers with ever more solutions, for whatever web management scenarios they might encounter. Our hosting and web management platform works daily to integrate new innovations that resolve customer inconveniences. NIXStats’ web monitoring with extension-supported metrics is sure to fit the bill.

Watch this space for updates on this customizable software in Plesk.

Get to know NixStats

You can learn more about the features of NixStats here.