Four ways the updated WordPress Toolkit helps your business

Following our last WordPress Toolkit update, we're sharing how this complete solution helps the business of developers and hosters. WordPress beginner or pro, your life's about to become easier.

How to Turbocharge Your WordPress Performance

Sobering fact: 25% of visitors will exit your page if loading time is over 4 seconds. So how do you optimize your page performance for users to see your content?


Announcing the Acronis-Plesk Partnership

See how the Acronis-Plesk partnership gives web hosters an opportunity to increase average revenue per user. HInt: it involves Acronis backup and combined Acronis and Plesk security.


CPanel to Plesk Migration Guide

All web hosting companies need to do server migrations – an essential and routine task in our line of work. When it comes to migrating servers and accounts, you need to do so with proper [...]


Plesk Server Management Panel: 6 Useful Tips

Today, the most popular server management panel is either Plesk or cPanel. If you’re an expert system admin, you won’t have any obstacles after you purchase your dedicated server. But if [...]


Admin Benefits of the Plesk Server Control Panel

Web experts design hosting server control panels to help any kind of user, no matter how technically-skilled. The goal: to help properly set up and manage websites. Instead of having to type [...]


Plesk Multiple Server Management – How it Works

The biggest challenges we run into as system admins and web experts are multiple server management, site management, and maintenance. If we don’t do this right, we face consequences. We [...]


Plesk vs WebsitePanel – Windows Hosting Panels Face Off

“There must be a simpler way to manage servers!” – thinks everyone who demands ASP.NET hosting. Well, you’ll be hyped to know hosting companies are now listening. Many [...]