About Plesk URL or Telling Customers the Right Address to Go to


A long time ago Plesk had one good little feature: when typing the panel address in your browser address bar, if you specified the port (8443), but omitted the encryption method (https), Plesk would redirect you to the address https://<server_hostname>:8443. In version 11.5, we replaced the lighttpd web server that served Plesk with nginx. And broke that good little feature.

Right away, our users pointed out that breaking good little features and giving nothing in return is bad. Please forgive and forget 🙂 As you can see in Plesk 12.0 preview (available through autoinstaller with –all-versions key), we returned the previous behavior.

What’s our point in telling this story? We wanted to share one interesting use-case proposed by our users and to contribute to it.Continue reading