Unattended Installation of Plesk in DigitalOcean

Why in the World Would I Need This? I spend a lot of time developing and testing all kinds of cool stuff for web hosting, and I’m using VMs with Plesk for my experiments. As you can imagine, [...]


New Skin for Plesk 12

We’ve always strived to keep Plesk visually modern and pleasant for users, so we have created a new additional skin for Plesk 12. We would love to hear your opinion on this skin, as we’re [...]


About Plesk URL or Telling Customers the Right Address to Go to

Introduction A long time ago Plesk had one good little feature: when typing the panel address in your browser address bar, if you specified the port (8443), but omitted the encryption method [...]

Slave DNS and Plesk

Preface There are several reasons why you might need at least two DNS servers for serving your sites: You purchased a domain name from a domain registrar. To delegate the domain, many registrars [...]