Webmail does what the name suggests, it gives you email accounts that you can get at via the web, and it’s something that email providers almost always offer. They create easy-to-use websites so that you can access their services via a simple interface. Popular webmail services include Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo Mail. They’re very convenient because you don’t need an email client to access them.

Web hosting providers usually offer a webmail service too, which is important because when your email address mirrors the name of your domain – which could also be your brand – it lends an extra layer of credibility. Most popular webmail solutions among web hosting providers are Horde & RoundCube.

Webmail can always be accessed online, which means you need to be connected to the Internet to use it. That’s its greatest selling point over POP3 services, which store your emails locally. Once you’ve opened them, they aren’t accessible online, but with a webmail account your messages are always there and you can always view them on a variety of different devices.

Many webmail services also come with top notch antivirus and SPAM protection, so your emails are scanned, and you will be warned about anything that looks unsafe. Of course, you could always check your webmail accounts using your email client, although it can be complicated to set up and configure the software if you have a lot of email accounts.

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