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Microsoft SQL Server

Commercially speaking, MSSQL is the most commonly used database management system (DBMS). It is true that Microsoft SQL Server is restricted to the Windows operating system, but companies who rely on Windows for their server operations will find this an advantage. MSSQL can be controlled both via a GUI and via a CLI. As the name suggests, MSSQL supports SQL commands – a command set introduced by IBM which is non-procedural and which is not case sensitive.

Top features of Microsoft SQL Server:

  • It is established that MSSQL offers top performance levels
  • MSSQL is a good choice if you run a Windows shop
  • You can run different versions of MSSQL on one serer
  • Using MSSQL you can generate scripts that help you move data


Temporary databases can be a real problem with some DBMS, but Microsoft SQL Server mitigates this common issue. Microsoft SQL Server also allows users to have separate security privileges and allows admins to maintain a standby server. As a SQL database, MSSQL supports standard SQL language. That said, importing files via Integration Services is a common problem, and many users would say that MSSQL is really only a good fit for large organizations.

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