Oracle is one of the most popular databases, and IBM answered Oracle’s 11g edition with IBM DB2, available in both Windows and Linux editions. Yes, DB2 can run on your choice of Linux, Unix or Windows mainframes and is indeed an ideal choice if you operate in an IBM host environment.

The UDB version for IBM DB2 is version 10.5, which includes BLU acceleration – the code name for this setup is “Kepler”. DB2 has had several releases, the latest edition is DB2 Express-C but this edition cannot be used in environments that require high availability. Think replication, shared disk clustering or active-passive setups.

Top features of IBM DB2 v 11.1

  • The latest edition extends the application of native encryption
  • It also adds enhancements to the use of environments
  • 1 includes a more simplified installation and deployment process
  • Native encryption is also included in version 11.1

The included Task Scheduler allows database admins to run multiple jobs when the database starts up. Importantly, DB2 supports both NoSQL and SQL database models. It can be hosted in the cloud, on a physical service or as a hybrid solution. Exit codes and error codes can trigger jobs. DB2 is an excellent database but the costs can be prohibitive for smaller organizations, while the basic support package is valid for only three years.

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