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An Email Alias is a second email address that you can use alongside the main one you set up with your email account. You can send messages with it but then they’ll appear in your main inbox, which means you can set up lots of aliases for different functions and then check all of them in one place. Looking at it this way, an alias works just like email forwarding.

Aliases are simple and effective to use and setting them up doesn’t require you to create any new mailboxes and accounts.

If you have a website with an email address on its domain then it’s worth checking with your provider to see if they allow you to use aliases and if so, how many.

The alias Isn’t really a mailbox, so you can’t access it. All it does is redirect mail to your main email address.

For example, if your email is [email protected] you can create an alias like [email protected] and use it only for business communications. This gives your business an email address that’s consistent with your branding, but all the emails you receive will come to the main one – [email protected].

You can create as many aliases for this domain as your provider will let you, each one of them serving a different purpose.

You can also create aliases for other domains as long as they haven’t been taken by anyone else. For example, you could use [email protected] as an alias that points to [email protected].

If your main email address ever changes in future, then you just change the alias to point to it.

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