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Registering a domain is completely hassle-free nowadays. In fact, when you register a domain the process occurs completely automatically regardless of which domain registrar you use, with a few exceptions. To register your domain you just need to choose a domain which hasn’t been registered by anyone so far. Often you may find that registering the domain with the company which will host your website is the most convenient option as it makes it easier to manage your domain and website all in one place.

Before you register your domain you must make sure you choose the right domain name. Remember, your domain name will represent your business or your hobby for a very long time. Your domain name is very much a brand name in that respect.

Likewise, you need to choose a top level domain (TLD) that matches the goals and the nature of your website. So, if you run an organization or a not-for-profit you might choose a “.org” TLD, whereas a business that actively sells is better represented with a “.com” TLD.

Domain registrars offer different prices and different terms when you register a domain. Before you register your domain, you should do your own research to find a domain registrar that most closely suits your needs.

Registrars can be difficult to deal with, for example choosing the wrong registrar may mean it can be difficult for you to transfer your domain to another domain registrar in the future. Companies can block a domain transfer by refusing to provide an EPP key, or by refusing to unlock your domain when you request an unlock.

Note that in most case you should be able to switch registrars, you can transfer your domain from one company to another company without registering a brand new domain.

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