Plesk Certification Badges

Show them what you’ve got

Now you can equip yourself with trusted Plesk University certification badges – a brilliant way to impress your network.
Prove your skills on your online profiles and you’ll open yourself up to new professional opportunities. 

What is a digital badge?

Picture digital badges as images that show off your successful online certifications.
Easily share your badges on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and by email with details about the specific skills you acquired.
Clients and colleagues will be able to verify your credentials with one click.  

Benefits of digital certification badges

With a Plesk University certification badge you can:

  • Showcase your abilities to your colleagues, boss and professional network.
  • Discover job opportunities that require your new skills, via Acclaim platform.
  • Present trusted evidence of what you can do that can be verified instantly.
Benefits of Plesk certification badges

How do I get my digital badges?

  1. Pass any exam from Plesk University.
  2. Receive your badge notification by e-mail, directing you to Acclaim.
  3. Create a free account with Acclaim, our badging platform partner.
  4. Claim your shiny, new badge then share it with peers and employers.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I’ve earned a Plesk certification badge?

Passed one of our Plesk University exams? Good job! Now hang on for just a few days while we do some processing. You’ll soon receive an email notification from Acclaim with instructions on how to set up your Acclaim account and claim your badge.

Who is Acclaim?

Acclaim is a badging platform powered by Credly. We’ve teamed up with Acclaim to provide you digital credentials anytime, anywhere.

Can I keep my digital badge private?

Of course. Simply set your privacy settings in the Acclaim platform. You’re totally in charge of your own information – and whether it should be public or not.

Can someone copy my digital badge and use it?

Nope. Badges are digital image files, true, but they each have a unique link to Acclaim data. This means they top paper certificates when it comes to security and reliability. So you don’t have to worry about anyone stealing your credential and/or associated identity.

Where and how can I share my badge?

Go on the Acclaim platform, download your badge and bingo – you can link it anywhere online. This includes:

Can I print my badge?

You can download a printable copy of your achievement – a PDF document that is identical to the respective Plesk University certificate with an additional badge verification link at the bottom.

How can I find job opportunities on the Acclaim platform?

Access labor market insights from the skills tags on your badge or by clicking “Related Jobs” on Acclaim. You’ll find who’s hiring for your skills, your newly-available job roles, active job listings, salaries and more. You can even quick-apply for opportunities from Acclaim.

Can I export badges from Acclaim to other badging platforms?

Yes. Your downloaded badge image is embedded with Open Badge Infrastructure (OBI) compliant metadata. This means you can save your badge onto more OBI-compliant badge sites like Mozilla backpack.

Can I import badges issued from other platforms into Acclaim?

Not yet, no.

Who can I speak to about the Acclaim platform?

If you have questions about Acclaim, you can find loads of answers at

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