Hosting & Cloud Service Providers

Plesk is an intuitive control panel that lets you customize your service plans and offers simplicity and flexibility no matter who your end users are. It acts as the layer on top of your infrastructure, providing full feature parity for both Linux and Windows – whichever you use.

Expanding your product portfolio is now easier than you think – Bundle your infrastructure up with a Plesk edition of your choice, add extra security features and other useful Plesk extensions, add managed services and sell a unique solution your customers want and need. Join us as a Plesk Partner and take your business to the next level!

Managed Service Providers

Provide instant, reliable and transparent results to your customers while controlling cost and distinguishing yourself from tough competition.

In addition to the standard server management and automation features, Plesk provides you with the broadest levels of server-to-site security built into the core and enhanced through 3rd party extensions which protect your customer’s most important data assets –email and website data. As a Plesk Partner, you can grow your margins and better serve and protect your clients at a competitive price point.

What Our Customers Say

  • Sune Miltersen

    "A week ago I haven't even heard about Plesk. Now I thank the Plesk God every night! Awesome software!"

    Sune Miltersen WebSiteMakers

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