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A distributor of cloud services, IT infrastructure, and cybersecurity solutions, ZNet Technologies empowers enterprises to ‘Be Digital’. It offers comprehensive cloud business solutions through its widespread channel network.

ZNet offers state of the art cloud solutions on advanced technologies with flexible deployment models.

ZNet is an authorized distributor of Plesk.

Plesk Onyx’s wholesome approach to website development and management helps clients to stay on top with the most innovative technologies on the web!

With integrated Docker and Git support and robust security features, Plesk helps clients become high performers by implementing changes on a timely basis. Get everything you need to develop and manage applications and websites simply at a single place.

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About ZNet Technologies

Incorporated in 2009, ZNet Technologies Private Limited, is among the leading global distributors of cloud services, IT infrastructure services, and cybersecurity services. ZNet has two main business units – ZNetLive and RackNap. ZNetLive is the cloud solutions’ distribution unit and RackNap is a cloud business automation platform. RackNap empowers cloud providers to automate cloud delivery and billing.

RP tech India (a division of Rashi Peripherals Pvt Ltd.) owns ZNet Technologies. RP tech India was founded in the year 1989. A distributor of mobility and IT solutions, it is growing at a CAGR of 25% YoY.  RP tech has over 50 branches and service centers pan India.

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