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Exabytes Plesk SSD VPS hosting is the Ultimate Development Workspace for high-productivity web and app developers. It is now equipped with more productivity extensions, such as Docker, WP Toolkit, Node.js and Let’s Encrypt, allowing its users to add on even more developer tools and features, and become so much more efficient at the same time.

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Ready-to-code Environment

  • Supports various programming languages
    Supported programming languages include multiple versions of PHP development language, Perl, CGI-BIN, Java, Tomcat, Ruby, Python, .NET and more.
  • Docker on demand
    Access Redis, MongoDB, Memcached and more. Deploy and manage new software products from Docker containers.
  • Build it and ship it
    Create multiple branches in a single repository, and automatically deploy from your local Git repository or remote service like GitHub, Bitbucket, Travis.

Secure SSD VPS Control Panel

  • Secure on every layer
    Security is configurable in different levels, such as Operating System, Network, Web Application and so on.
  • Pre-config security settings
    Security settings to get you up and running with just one click.
  • Increase reliability and decrease vulnerability
    Various authentication methods, such as anti-spam and anti-virus support, automatic updating tools, and vulnerability monitors are available.

Development Environment

  • Intelligent maintenance features
    Plesk SSD VPS works on Auto-Repair, Automatic Database Repair, and Log Browser to keep your website and business running constantly.
  • Build in task scheduler
    Schedule your SSD VPS running tasks or select time to perform Backup & Notifications to trigger specific tasks.
  • Exabytes SSD VPS network uptime
    We guarantee 99.9% Network Uptime on our Plesk SSD VPS to ensure your VPS hosting is well taken care of.

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About Exabytes

The Exabytes Group powers over 200,000 customers (from individuals, small and medium sized businesses, to government and public listed companies) in 121 countries with products, services and technology to energize their online web presence, customer engagement, customer relationship, digital marketing, website creation solutions, and more. Exabytes family of brands include: Exabytes Malaysia, Exabytes Singapore, Exabytes International, Exabytes Indonesia, Exabytes Digital, Usonyx, Signetique, Cybersite & WPWebHost.

Headquartered in Penang, Malaysia, Exabytes is currently backed by over 200 enthusiastic web professionals who manage 1000+ servers with 100,000+ websites, and 1,000,000+ email accounts. Exabytes’ presence spread across several countries in Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.

As one of the leading Web, Cloud and E-Commerce Hosting Companies in Southeast Asia, Exabytes is in its 18th year of operation. With deep understanding on the business requirements for online setups and E-Commerce, Exabytes offers the clients an end-to-end website hosting solution unmatched by its competitors, ranging from cloud hosting, E-Commerce application, marketing engine, and dedicated network systems and more.

The journey of Exabytes started in 2001 when its founder cum today’s CEO, Mr. Chan Kee Siak dropped out of college to concentrate on his online business. Under Chan’s leadership, Exabytes was founded, and subsequently became Malaysia’s biggest hosting provider in 2005. Over the years, Exabytes has grown from a one-man company to a leading website hosting group with 7 subsidiaries. Next, the Exabytes Group successfully became the 2nd largest web hosting company in Singapore.

In 2012, Exabytes’ 10th anniversary, Exabytes’ first book depicting the group’s success story, “From Zerobyte to Exabytes” was published and available in all major bookstores in Malaysia.

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