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Plesk remains as the preferred control panel choice among our customers. APC Hosting continues with Plesk in our hosting and server services, shared, web hosting and private/cloud, dedicated server systems. Plesk web pro is suitable for professionals who want simple and secure WordPress management with Plesk Web Pro (30 Domains),1 vCPU / 2 GB RAM / 60 GB Storage,1 IP Address , unmetered bandwidth, 100 Mbps shared network bandwidth and DDoS protection. While our Plesk Web Host include similar features of network bandwidth and security as the web pro however it has unlimited domains and storage space of 2 vCPUs / 4 GB RAM / 80 GB Storage.

Both our developer and wordpress hosting offers provide 30 to unlimited domains for sign up.

APC is a premiere hosting solutions company since 2003 in Singapore that offers best hosting, IT solutions and software developments. We won numerous awards and acclamations, like the Prestigious Singapore Business Superbrands in 2014. Our datacenter partner, Tata Communications, is of worldclass standard and a certified internet & network provider, (Digital Realty Trust) through Tata Tier-1 IP backbone for unparalleled reach and network connectivity.

Lastly, as we are a customer-oriented company providing high quality services and satisfaction to customers which includes our excellent customer support.


Plesk仍然是企业和消费者中最受欢迎的控制面板选择,因此APC托管私人有限公司在我们的托管和服务器服务(如共享,虚拟主机和私有/云,专用服务器系统)中继续与Plesk进行服务。例如,开发人员(Developer)和云服务器(Cloud)托管。我们在Wordpress,云(Cloud)和开发者(Developer)服务器托管计划中提供plesk web pro和主机控制面板

新加坡最佳托管解决方案公司,为提供IT解决方案和软件开发的。在2014年获得无数奖项和赞誉,如新加坡着名商业超级品牌。我们的数据中心合作伙伴,tata通信是通过Tata Tier-1 IP骨干网经过认证的互联网和网络提供商(Digital Realty Trust),无与伦比的覆盖面和网络连接。


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About APC Hosting

Established since year 2003, APC hosting Private Limited is a premiere web-host company and offer services ranging from web host to IT & office setup solutions specialising in hosting and IT infrastructure solutions. APC hosting have won numerous awards and acclamations, currently the only company been awarded for Prestigious Singapore Business Superbrands in 2014.

Our company’s mission ,”Your success is our business” is to provide best in-class industry standards of web host ,IT and office setup service solutions while ensuring satisfaction and services from our customers.

We partner with Tata Communications (Digital Realty Trust-DRT) , certified internet and network provider for Tata Tier-1 IP backbone unparalleled reach and connectivity.

In addition, APC hosting have also launch our new e-commerce site, APC Technology which sells/retails latest technology products to consumers in Singapore. APC hosting maintains its presence as popular hosting and IT solutions provider companies across Asia regions.



该公司在2014年赢得了众多奖项和鼓掌,其中包括着名的新加坡商业超级品牌。 我们公司的使命和目标是提供最佳的网络主机,IT和办公设置服务解决方案的一流行业标准,同时确保客户的满意度和服务。


我们还与Tata Communications(Digital Realty Trust-DRT)合作,为Tata Tier-1 IP骨干网提供认证的互联网和网络提供商。



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