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The extension offers a single interface for securing your websites with SSL/TLS certificates from the following trusted certificate authorities (CA):

  • Let’s Encrypt
  • Sectigo CAs are integrated into SSL It! using plugins. We plan to add support for more CAs in the future.

With SSL It! you can do all of the following in a single interface (which replaces the usual “SSL/TLS Certificates” interface):

  • Purchase, install, and renew certificates from various CAs.
  • Secure your domain, webmail, the "www" subdomain for the domain, and each selected alias with an SSL certificate (wildcard certificates are available)
  • Clearly see what is secured and what is not (including subdomains)
  • Manage SSL/TLS settings and options, such as HTTP->HTTPS redirect, HSTS, and OCSP Stapling
  • Access the Let’s Encrypt and Sectigo SSL extensions (if they are installed).
  • Even go back to the old “SSL/TLS Certificates” interface (click the “Advanced Settings” link)!

SSL It! can also automatically issue, install, and renew Let’s Encrypt certificates for domains secured with invalid certificates (self-signed, expired, or issued by a CA that is not trusted). Take advantage of this functionality by enabling the "Keep websites secured" option on the new SSL/TLS Certificates screen or the “Keep your websites secured with free SSL/TLS Certificates” option in hosting plan settings.

Additionally, SSL IT! helps you keep TLS versions and ciphers in sync with those recommended by Mozilla. Enable this option in "Tools & Settings" > "TLS versions and ciphers management".

Additional Information

  • SSL It! is a free extension but SSL/TLS certificates themselves can be paid.
  • To take advantage of all SSL It! features, install the Let’s Encrypt and Sectigo SSL extensions as well.
  • If you want to integrate your CA with SSL It!, fill in the form at the bottom of this page and we will contact you.

Install SSL It! extension

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