Website Builder extension - Plesk Website Builder

5 steps to create your own website builder

1. Select the Premium or Enterprise Package

2. Install Extension

3. Install Website Builder on your server (for Enterprise Package)

4. Configure and customize

5. Set your prices, promote, and profit


Why choose

  • Flexible

    Intuitive interface in 50 languages lets your customers build their dream websites. Templates are flexible with no grids for complete creative freedom.


  • Easy to Launch

    Register on, fill in your license, install plugin to your hosting or billing platform to connect to our Cloud. Or, you can install the product on your server. Easy!


  • Fully Customized

    Just add your logo, choose plugins, style your toolbar, connect to your hosting plans, .… So your customers understand that it’s YOUR product. Use our marketing kit to get maximum return from your product.


  • Fast

    All user data is located on your servers. HTML/PHP websites are fast because they have no database.


  • Safe

    HTML is inherently safe. If you turn off the builder server, all your websites will still work. And at no point do we get access to any customer data.


  • Profitable

    No limit or added cost on the number of websites. Your customers can make as many websites as they want.

Plesk Extension - SIte Pro Builder Table - January 2018
Requires Plesk 12 and up
Category  Web Apps & Site Editing
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