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This extension is no longer available.

RcodeZero Anycast DNS

The RcodeZero Anycast DNS extension helps you adding your domains to RcodeZero DNS, a highly available and performant Anycast Secondary-DNS service providing ultimate availability for your domains. In the extension allows you to select which domains will be synced from your Plesk Server to RcodeZero Secondary-DNS.

Features of RcodeZero Secondary-DNS Plesk extension:

  • DNS Anycast Service on 6 continents with 20+ locations
  • 2 independent Anycast-Clouds
  • Unlimited DNS Queries
  • All DNS Ressource Record types are supported
  • 24/7 Operations center
  • DDoS Mitigation Service for your domains
Version 1.0
Requires 12.5.3
Developer ipcom GmbH
Category DNS

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