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Limit FTP

Deny/Limit FTP access

This extension for Plesk gives you the possibility to deny or limit FTP access on a domain to a specific IP. Also it's possible to configure notification and automatic password change when suspicious FTP connections are detected. It's particularly useful when users do not plan to do any changes on their website. The extension also allows server administrators to limit the bandwidth of the FTP service.

How the extension works:

  • When enabled, the extension adds a domain-specific restriction config file to the proftp.d directory
  • When disabled, this config file is deleted
  • Users trying to access the restricted FTP will see the following error: "550 Permission Denied/Access is denied"
  • Server admin can see all domains with disabled or limited FTP access
  • Server admin can limit the transfer rate for the FTP service on the server

How to use:

  • To deny FTP access on a domain or to limit FTP access to a specific IP address, go to a subscription and click the "Restricted FTP access" button
  • To limit the bandwidth of the FTP service on the whole server, open the extension screen in the Extension Catalog.
Version 1.1.0
Requires 17.8.11
Developer Configbox
Platform unix
Category Security

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