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DigiCert SSL

DigiCert, with the addition of Symantec’s Website Security business, is a leading global provider of digital certificates. The world’s leading banks, e-commerce, technology, healthcare and manufacturing companies rely on Digicert for scalable encryption and authentication of their most valuable online properties.

What is an SSL Certificate?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates or digital certificates are used to establish an encrypted connection between a browser or user's computer and a server or website. The SSL connection protects sensitive data, such as credit card and other sensitive information, exchanged during each visit, from being intercepted by non-authorized parties.

Why is having an SSL Certificate important?

Trust is the foundation of the internet economy. To earn that trust, you need end-to-end security to help protect every webpage your users visit—not just the log-in pages and shopping carts. New changes in internet standards and web browsers are also giving websites that use HTTPS a leg up and are actively punishing unsecure sites that remain on HTTP.

For example, Google has given a search results ranking boost to pages served over HTTPS since 2014. They also display a “Secure” label in the address bar for HTTPS pages. As of July 2018, Google Chrome displays a “Not Secure” warning for every page served over HTTP. Chrome will be the first major browser to warn users on all HTTP pages, and other browsers will follow as the internet moves to a “secure by default” standard.

The right certificate can make all the difference.

DigiCert SSL Video

Although all SSL certificates provide the same level of encryption, high-assurance certificates provide added layers of authentication to give users proof they can trust who you are—which elevates the trustworthiness of your entire site. Here’s how the certificates stack up.

Digicert DV

Digicert OV

Digicert EV

Version 1.8.2
Requires 17.0
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