WordPress Toolkit 4.5 Update Features Website Labels Among Improvements

WordPress Toolkit 4.5 Features Website Labels Among Improvements - Plesk

We’ve just released the first WordPress Toolkit update of 2020: WordPress Toolkit 4.5. The first of many coming up this year. Let’s see what’s in there for you.

Website Labels in WordPress Toolkit 4.5

Websites nowadays are usually more than just a single site you see in your browser. Developers often host separate copies of their website for various purposes. One for development, one for testing, and so on. We’ve been thinking about properly supporting development workflow for quite some time now. And so, introduction of website labels is our first shot at it.

Every site registered in WordPress Toolkit 4.5 can now have its own label:

WordPress Toolkit update - 4.5 - Website labels -1

Labels act as a helper for identifying the role of a particular installation. This is why the selection of labels is predetermined. Users can choose from Production, Staging, Testing, Demo, and Development labels. Obviously, labels are optional, and you can change or remove a label at any time.

WordPress Toolkit update - 4.5 - Website labels -2

We expect this change to help you quickly identify their WordPress installations, making life a bit easier. It’s only a first step towards having proper project management in WordPress Toolkit. But that’s a tale for a different time. 😉

WordPress Toolkit for cPanel?

The majority of our time was spent developing WordPress Toolkit for cPanel. We’ve had a very good start with this ambitious project. Constantly keeping in touch with cPanel team, who continue to be very helpful, sharing their knowledge and offering advice. The first installable prototype will be shared soon, and we’re expecting more feedback after. We’ll then continue to focus mainly on WordPress Toolkit for cPanel until at least the first public release. This is expected in the middle of 2020.

Latest Bugfixes and Improvements

Most of the issues nagging our customers were addressed in the minor WordPress Toolkit 4.4.1 update in December. So there wasn’t much left for WordPress Toolkit 4.5. Yet we still fixed a couple of bugs reported by customers and our support team. We’ve also cleaned up some translations again, and now we’re looking into improving the speed and quality of our translations.

Future WordPress Toolkit Update and Plans

The team is already working on the next WordPress Toolkit update, targeted at the end of February. Our main focus continues to be the development of WordPress Toolkit for cPanel. However, we’re also planning to spend some time introducing customer-focused features like CLI for cloning and data copy.

Stay tuned for the next update. In the meantime, do you have any questions or feedback? Let me know in the comments below.