Plesk Joomla! Toolkit brings automation and privacy enhancements to your Joomla! sites

With over 11 million websites running on Plesk, creating a toolkit for Joomla! was the natural next step for us. We wanted to bring a set of tools that enhanced Joomla! site performance, improves privacy and security, and is agile and versatile for all purposes.

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Specifically, we wanted to focus on two main problems that Joomla! users and agencies face: First, we wanted to address the challenge of managing and running multiple Joomla! Instances, for multiple clients. Second, we wanted to find a better way to guarantee privacy and security than passing data outside the server to an external Joomla! management application.


One of the biggest challenges freelancers and agencies face is having to waste valuable time to repeatedly execute tasks on multiple Joomla! instances. Tasks such as updating the Joomla! core are time-consuming, technically complex and highly risky when untested. Most importantly, the hours spent doing these tasks are usually neither strategic, innovative, nor billable. As a result, many Joomla! users typically opt not to run these updates unless absolutely necessary.


With the Joomla! Toolkit, we created a single entry point to gain a master view of all your Joomla! instances. You can easily scan and execute important security updates within the Plesk UI, without having to sign into every Joomla! backend.


By simplifying these daily maintenance processes, you will feel more compelled to keep all instances up-to-date and secure.

Our second goal for Joomla! Toolkit was to create a safe environment where privacy and security best practices are applied. To achieve that, we designed the toolkit to keep everything on the same server and allow commands to be executed locally, without the use of “connector scripts” to pass information to a management application on an external server. This innovation sets us firmly apart from similar solutions, and not only guarantees security and privacy for both users and their clients, but also offers a measurable performance advantage.


With these two core enhancements and many other features, we allow users and agencies who use Joomla! to save time, effort and money, so they can focus on the important things. But we’re not resting on our laurels, attending Joomla! Conferences to listen and get feedback from our existing and potential users about their needs, and what problems we could help to solve in their daily work lives. Based on these real-world inputs, we can continue to develop the Joomla! Toolkit into a valuable and meaningful application.

So where can you get the Plesk Joomla! Toolkit? Get a preview version of the toolkit from our launch partner, and watch out for the full-featured version that will launch in Spring 2018.