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How Plesk 11.5 solves Email Users problem

Since Plesk 10.0 and prior to Plesk 11.5 email user management has become greatly complicated by the need to operate through User account. While Users concept gave more power and flexibility, we recognised the simplicity of basic functions is equally important. So in Plesk 11.5 the one can still utilize “Users” to delegate some web mastering functions, but for mail users a simple solution will be suggested.

Lets see how mail user management in action:

1) when creating new mailbox at “Mail” tab there would be a simple checkbox (enabled by default) to grant access to control panel. Notice that even if “Users” function has been revoked/hidden from a domain owner, they still can grant mail users with control panel access. As a small extra convenience there comes a “Generate” function for getting secure password.

Adding mail user in Plesk 11.5

Adding mail user in Plesk 11.5

2) a resulting mail user would have quite simple interface (which will become even simpler in further releases). A mail user can change their password through their mail account settings or through their profile.

Mail user interface in Plesk 11.5

Mail user interface in Plesk 11.5

3) changing password for a mail user is also easy. Notice they don’t see any other user or any hosting option not really allowed to them. As a small improvement they can see their mailbox size here (but unlimited size in the example below).

Changing mail user password in Plesk 11.5

Changing mail user password in Plesk 11.5

Until official public release, Plesk 11.5 preview can be obtained from

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