BitNinja Ultimate Server Protection

The Ultimate Server Protection

The day-to-day life of a hosting provider can change from uneventful, when technology and process are ticking along nicely, to problematic when security incidents threaten to paralyze your operations.

Now more than ever, hosting providers are facing various security events. These can include minor threats contained and resolved in isolation, or more severe incidents that may temporarily disrupt your business. What matters most is keeping your business and end customers safe and satisfied, especially in the highly competitive hosting industry today.

That’s where BitNinja comes into the picture, offering a multi-layered security system for web hosting providers. BitNinja ServerProtection automatically blocks server attacks at any threat level, making troubleshooting security incidents easier to manage via a self-service console. Plesk users are among those who can take advantage of BitNinja’s all-in-one server security at a new, customized price for Plesk.

BitNinja’s Power of the Crowd

The BitNinja Plesk extension assures clients’ security stays up-to-date faster and smarter by strengthening the usual security arsenal with an intelligent Defense Network. The extension makes use of the crowdsourcing method, meaning that when a single protected website in the network detects an attack or blocks a malicious request, it immediately relays the information to the cloud datacenter. As the Defense Network gets stronger with every new server included, the potential power for increased security keeps on growing, offering high value to users around the world.

Thanks to the power of the crowd, BitNinja´s real-time IP reputation system can rely on historical information about 100+ million IP addresses in its ever-growing database

BitNinja for Hosting Providers

BitNinja has unique capabilities that make the tool a good match for hosting providers. First, it includes automated false-positive reporting, which allows you to fine-tune settings when needed, and the unique technology guarantees a low false-positive rate with its pre-defined rulesets. Second, the tool comes with a dedicated security console for the optimized management of your server clusters. And there’s even more in store for hosting providers: an optional security console for website owners that can offer an additional revenue opportunity for service providers. 

Customized Price for Plesk

BitNinja is currently available for Plesk users at a new monthly price. Users choosing to pay for a yearly license can benefit from receiving a special offer of two months at no cost

It is difficult to focus on growing your business while security issues remain a liability, and ad-hoc security tasks drain manpower, time, and resources. Therefore, the award-winning BitNinja ServerSecurity solution is ready for effective action for your day-to-day operations and business goals.

With this tool, Plesk users are one click away from enjoying the easy-to-use dashboard, centralized management, and crowdsourced analysis. Now with a newly customized price, the server security can be set on autopilot to enjoy the full force of BitNinja on Plesk.


  1. We are interested in offering Plesk as an add-on for our clients. We found this link on the Plesk Twitter:

    Is this the correct form for setting up a demo of the software?

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