‘Coderex’ Doubles Productivity While Using Plesk

Lincoln Islam, Coderex Founder, enterpreneur and visionary reveals how working with Plesk sped up development and eased multiple processes. This is a case study will tell their story with us from the start. Plus, a peek into how Coderex operates today, with our services and support in tandem.  

Coderex Before Plesk

Coderex before Plesk

We were always in search of a hosting service that could give us the flexibility that most hosting providers don’t provide. We wanted to have some control of our servers in our hands. We tried using a few VPS servers but it was difficult to figure out how to manipulate those unmanaged blank slate servers. We weren’t too satisfied with the hosting we had because we had almost no control over it.

One pain point was managing the sites from the terminal. But it was not possible to give access to everyone from our team. So every time we had to make a new configuration, we would run the command line – something only experts could do. If the experts were not available, then we had to wait until they were – thus, halting production.

Managing the entire server was time-consuming. We always try to focus on things we’re good at and aim to do better than others. Hence, we knew it was best to just find a good hosting platform. One that was secure, gives lots of flexibility, and saves time from manually managing the server via the command line.

Finding Plesk and Starting off

Coderex finds Plesk

For a few months we tested multiple control panels including free and paid versions of cPanel. But I was never satisfied with cPanel or any other control panels we tried using at the time. While testing one control panel after another, we came across Plesk. We decided to go with the one-month free trial.

We were amazed with Plesk right from the get-go. The interface was simple and easy to use, and it offered more than all the flexibility we needed. We knew right away that Plesk was what we had been seeking for a long time.

Yes, There Were Results With Plesk

coderex results with plesk

First we installed it to our primary server that hosts our product site – And it made things so much easier. We no longer had to wait for a command line expert to allow users access.

“Over time, our productivity went double.”

With Plesk, we created multiple users and defined their roles. Due to the friendly UI, it became easy for anyone in the team to understand and manage our sites. No more confusions with configurations. Most importantly, we were relieved about the fact that we will no longer be spooked by unknown security issues.

How Coderex Runs With Plesk Today

How Coderex runs with Pleks today

Right now, Plesk helps us speed up our process for development work. Because it offers one-click installation for WordPress (our most used CMS) which gives our team that cutting edge.

We use it when creating new sites or migrating existing sites. So, we get that boost when deploying sites in a fast, efficient and secure manner. Plesk even has a brilliant toolkit for WordPress. We specifically love its friendly user interface that allows us to work with ease. Would definitely recommend.

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