Day August 24, 2021

WordPress Management Automation Tips

Automating WordPress Plesk blog

Automate WordPress tasks and you’ll be able to cut down on a lot of the stuff you have to do to make your website purr along happily, like creating content, maintenance tasks, security checks, getting rid of malware, backups of…

How To Restore WordPress Website Manually

WordPress restore blog Plesk

It’s a well-known fact that regular website backups are essential, but some people only discover this truth when it’s too late. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and if you have an easily accessible copy of your site when…

WordPress Redirection Tips And Best Practices

WordPress redirection Plesk blog

WordPress redirects help your website and are essential because it’s always involving, with fresh, improved material being added to replace older, less useful information. When deleting outdated material, it might be difficult to eliminate the potential for getting 404 errors…

Web Cache Types Guide

Web Cache Types Plesk blog

It’s best to keep in mind not only what separates the various types of web cache but also what their purposes are! We live in an age where attention spans are growing ever shorter, which means that you can’t afford…

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