How to customize Plesk Online Help

Sometimes the one may want to redefine Plesk Online Help with something else. Here is a brief guide how to do that

  1. The easiest would be to download a copy of existing Plesk documentation pool and modify its contents. i.e. you could simply download recursively every document referenced from documentation page.
  2. Then put it into some web available location (hereinafter – URL). The structure should be something like that
    • URL/
    •    en-US/
    •        online/
    •             plesk-administrator-guide/
    •             …
    •    help.htm
    •    refArticles.js
  3. Each collection of Plesk documents has help.htm file and refArticles.js files. These files define which documentation page will be shown as a Help for a particular screen. The files’ structure is quite clear and normally you don’t need to modify them, just be sure they are available in your new location (URL).
  4. Now find a /usr/local/psa/admin/conf/panel.ini file (/opt/psa/admin/conf/panel.ini in Debian/Ubuntu) and add (or modify) two lines there:

Now when you click Help in Plesk, a Help located at your custom URL will be opened.