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Static DNS


Static DNS

Static DNS

DNS is key to a stable online presence, so using reliable DNS services is really important. If you’re a website owner you should focus in particular on the name servers as these make sure that people can find your website, send emails to you and establish an FTP connection. Also, when you connect to the internet, your service provider assigns you a random IP address from a pool of IP addresses.

Users can also choose to make use of dynamics DNS instead of static DNS. So, when a user uses an internet service provider that gives them a new DNS address every time they connect, they will need to use a dynamic DNS service which can update the DNS server with the user’s IP address whenever this IP address changes.

Static DNS

Most hosting provided by both free and commercial servers will assign a user a static IP address which does not change, and which uses a static name server. Note that static DNS settings will never change out of their own accord, DNS addresses stay the same until the user decides to update the address. So it’s easy to see why static DNS is so useful – it ensures stability, giving you an uninterrupted service that can boost the speed of your web presence.

Dynamics DNS

The alternative is to opt for dynamic DNS, which could be necessary under some circumstances. For example, if a user connects to an ISP that gives them a new IP address every time they connect they will need to use a dynamic DNS service. This dynamic DNS service will continue to update the domain name server whenever the user’s IP address changes.

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