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The name SPAM started life in 1937 as a brand of canned cooked pork that made it easy to deliver meat to soldiers on the front line. Unfortunately, these days you’ll notice is the name of the unwelcome emails that fill your inbox.

To fight SPAM, we have email SPAM filters. They are easy to set up, but your filtering software needs to be compatible with your email software and services, and flexible to meet your needs. The SPAM filter’s job is to find it and either deleted move it to your SPAM folder.

SpamAssassin is one of the most popular open-source email SPAM filters. It offers great flexibility and use a variety of techniques to detect and deal with SPAM. These include content-matching rules, using SPAM databases, text-analysis and Bayesian filtering. SpamAssassin is written in Perl, is highly configurable and easy to extend, so it’s easily possible to add more features. It’s compatible with most email platforms and is easy to set up.

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