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Email Virus Protection

Email AntiVirus Protection

Email antivirus protection is so important because email is one of the main avenues for getting into someone’s computer uninvited. If someone wants to send you a virus, then email is probably going to be the first route they’ll try.

It goes without saying then, that if you use email then you need a reliable email anti-virus protection service that will scan all incoming and outgoing messages (and any attached files) so that nothing malicious can get its claws into your computer or your email servers.

There are many email antivirus solutions, most popular are Kaspersky, Dr.Web and ClamAV.

ClamAV is great resource that was designed specifically for scanning email gateways. ClamAV is a multifunctional, cross-platform software solution, that’s among the most effective out there. ClamAV draws from a huge virus database that is constantly being updated. It offers command-line on demand scanning, multi-threaded daemon, and support for most email and document formats. ClamAV gives your email account total antivirus protection, successfully detecting and removing any malware and viruses before they have a chance to hit your mailbox.

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