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CNAME is responsible for the aliases of a real host name given to a computer, CNAME stands for Canonical Name Records. CNAMEs are important when a DNS server points multiple domain names to the same IP address. Note that a single computer can have an unlimited number of CNAME aliases but for every CNAME alias there must be a separate CNAME record in the database.

Plesk offers an advanced Custom DNS Manager tool which lets you add, change or remove CNAME entries with just a few clicks of the mouse. Adding a CNAME record is easy, just log into the web hosting control panel and find the Custom DNS Records area, here just choose CNAME from the drop-down list of “Types”.

Once there you must add a URL where your domain will be pointed to and also specify TTL, though TTL is set to 3600 by default.

There are a lot of reasons why you may need to set a CNAME for your domain. For example, you might want to refer visitors to a subdomain to a different server, so your CNAME can point the subdomain to that server. CNAMEs are also useful when you want to create a generic name or when you’ve renamed a host but you don’t need its current name any longer.

The Custom DNS Records page on the Plesk hosting control panel allows you to set up your choice of CNAME for all of your domains. You just need to choose the domain name and add the required CNAME record entry.

Note that CNAMEs must always point to either a hostname or to an IP address. CNAMEs cannot point to other CNAMEs because this will cause the DNS lookup to get stuck in a loop. Likewise, no other DNS records should ever point to a CNAME record.

What is a DNAME record?

Very similar to a CNAME record, DNAME records can create an alias for every record for a domain or subdomain. In contrast, CNAMEs only creates an alias for a single name. Note that DNAME records cause a lot of work for domain name resolvers so it is strongly recommended that DNAMEs are only used for a short period of time.

Please note that technologies described on Wiki pages are not necessary the part of Plesk control panel or its extensions.

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