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User Experience Research

Lend a Hand in Improving Plesk

Help us improve Plesk products and features by participating in our user experience research program. You’ll get our thanks and have a say in the evolution of Plesk.

What is more, the most active participants will be granted a discount for Plesk licenses, extensions, or an Amazon voucher.

To join, enter your details on the sign up form on this page. You will be enrolled to take part in:

Quick Research

These are Surveys and Fast UX-tests, which take only 5 minutes. You can take part in these unassisted, whenever your agenda suits it.

Deep Research

Includes Interviews and Deep UX-tests, which can take up to 1 hour. These are conducted over videoconference, at a time agreed beforehand to suit your schedule.

Beta-testing of new features

You will get access to selected beta-versions of new products and features before these are made public. After trying these out for a period of time, we will contact you for feedback in the form of a survey or interview.

After registration, we will contact you with info whenever a new research or beta test becomes available. You can then decide which particular initiatives you want to join.

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